Educational productivity advancements are possible through continuous learning, but there is often a disjuncture between education research, policy, and practice. This arises for myriad reasons and results in fragmented efforts to improve the system.

Researchers often focus on questions that are not linked to a specific policy or decision point, and therefore not immediately relevant to policymakers or practitioners on the ground. And work that might be useful is not always disseminated in broadly accessible formats or venues. As a consequence, policymakers and practitioners are often swayed by politics or institutional norms, and when confronted with a lack of evidence (perceived or real), tend to default to what is comfortable for adults–not necessarily what is best for children.

CEDR addresses the disjuncture that exists between research, policy, and practice by conducting high-quality research and broadly disseminating it to give policymakers the hard evidence they need to make good choices for children.


Based at the University of Washington, The Center for Education Data & Research (CEDR) is a unique organization conducting empirically driven research on the most pertinent issues confronting education policy.














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CEDR Director, Dan Goldhaber, Testifies on No Child Left Behind

Dr. Dan Goldhaber, Director of CEDR, testified before the US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. His testimony was part of a panel of witnesses at the committee hearing Fixing No Child Left Behind: Supporting Teachers and School Leaders. You can view a video of Dr. Goldhaber's testimony or read his statement here.

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